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Thai Test Kitchen Coming Soon!

Wanting to dive into my test kitchen ideas, I pondered on what would be my first one. Well, the answer is THAI! It’s one of my favorite cuisines and what a better place to start than with one of your favorites, right?

After we return from our Costa Rica vacation, I will be making Fresh Rolls with Tofu, Tom Kha Soup, Yellow Chicken Curry and a few others. If you have any suggestions, please mention them here.

Looking forward to some Thai time:)

Thai Spread

My Playground

The smell in the air must have stimulated my runner legs again this fall as I find myself amongst the trees that surround Cascade Lake at Moran State Park. The park has many lakes, but Cascade in particular was my childhood playground. Still is. In the winter time, it is seldomly used and there are days when I have the whole lake to myself. I relish in this time as the summer brings thousands of tourists that flock to the camp grounds.

This winter I got to encounter the salmon and trout swimming up the small streams to spawn. Seeing the progress they made every other day was inspiring. They were slowly dying from the water being so low and tired from all the obstacles they had to swim over. A little like life 😉


Most days I run alone, but I enjoy bringing our dog Paige on the days I need an extra boost. She keeps me motivated and has excellent trail etiquette. There is something about running with your dog that really bonds the two of you. Her dad takes her on all sorts of adventures, I’m glad that just the two of us can share this one.


I have always loved trees, nature in general really. Running down the trails, over bridges and through streams is something that gives me something that no gym can provide. And it’s free!


So as I lace up my Nikes and put my headphones in, I am reminded that this place has seen me grow up and I intend to not disappoint. Here’s to officially including Trail Running into my excercise regiment:)

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